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   After visiting her grandfather’s grave at the cemetery and visiting her grandmother in the home, Isabella and Jessica decided to go to the Arizona Mills Mall.

“What did you want to get here?”

“Don’t know. I just wanted to walk around and see what’s changed since the last time I came in here.” Isabella answered as they walked through the door.

“How long ago was that?”

“Hmm...maybe in 2008.” She said. “I know I didn’t come here when I was here in December or when I was out here in 2009 when grandpa was buried or my friend’s wedding.”

“That IS a long time.” Jessica stated.

    They walked around the mall and stopped in a few select stores before deciding to go back to the house. About twenty minutes later they were back and Isabella parked the car in the front of the house in “her” spot. When she got out, that’s when she noticed the darkly tinted Dodge Charger sitting across the street. She didn’t say anything to Jessica as they headed inside. Isabella had a feeling she knew who it was, but wanted to confirm. She also didn’t want to spook her family, but she knew it was eventually going to happen. Once inside she decided to send a text to Brian after she said hello to everyone and put her stuff in her room.

“What kind of rental car did you guys get?”

    After sending it, she rejoined the group in the living room.

“So what did you two do?” Doug asked as Jessica sat down next to him.

“We went to a florist, then visited great-grandma.” Jessica answered omitting an obvious fact.

“That’s nice. Was she surprised to see you?” Denise asked Isabella.

“I’d like to think so. We didn’t stay long.” She answered. “We also went to the cemetery so I could say hi to grandpa.” That statement made Isabella receive odd looks from Denise and Doug. “What? It’s not that strange.”

“For us, it is.” Doug commented causing Isabella to roll her eyes.

“Then we went to the Mills.” Jessica added as Isabella’s phone went off. Isabella didn’t immediately pick it up. “Aren’t you going to see who that is?” She asked her.

“Maybe. Maybe not.” Isabella joked and then hit her “home” button. The text was from Brian.

“We have an Edge. Nick has a Caliber.”

    Isabella got up off the couch to see if the mysterious car was still outside. It was so she replied.

“Black and tinted?”

“What’s wrong Isabella?” Her aunt finally asked.

“Oh, nothing. I think I am being stalked.” She replied realizing what she just said. “It’s not in a bad, way, though.” She quickly added.

“Who’s stalking my cousin?” Doug asked worried as he got up to see what she was looking at.

    Isabella’s phone went off again.

“Yes, why? Is he outside?”

“I think so. Hard to tell because of tint.” She replied. She quickly sent another text. “I have an idea. Don’t do anything.” She told Doug the same thing. She opened her camera and took a picture, copied it and then went through her iMessage app and found her Twitter message. She then tweeted a mini status update with the picture to hopefully get Nick’s attention.

“Stalker alert!!”

    She waited a few moments, and because Denise was already on her laptop on her Facebook, she let out a laugh once she saw Isabella’s update.

“That’s great!” Denise said with a smile. Jessica went over to see what Isabella had written. She also laughed.

“Give it a few more seconds. He’ll leave if it’s him.” Isabella stated smiling as she turned her attention back to the car outside.

    Moments later, they heard a car start and the black Caliber left. Isabella grinned as she texted Brian.

“That takes care of that. He’s gone.”

“I saw your tweet. He won’t be too thrilled that you pretty much just called him a stalker.” He quickly replied.

“Well, he shouldn’t be sitting outside my aunt’s house. You should meet my cousin Doug. He’s big. And I mean BIG.”

    Brian didn’t reply back, but she did end up getting a tweet mention from Emily.

“@kirby42280 who’s stalking you?”

“@emilyrane your boyfriend. HELP!! lol” Isabella replied and moments later her phone was ringing. “Hey Emily.” she greeted her as she opened the door to go outside.

“Seriously?” She questioned. “Nick?”

“Yes. He was parked outside my aunt’s house across the street.” Isabella answered. “That tweet helped make him leave. He’s gone now.”

“I can’t believe that you took a picture of the car, but I’m glad he’s not out in front anymore. Why’d he go to Arizona? To find you?”

“Apparently. I have yet to talk to him. I spoke with Brian, Baylee and Leighanne at the airport but he chose to hide from me.”

    Emily laughed.

“I don’t know what to do about him.” She eventually stated with a small sigh. “You know he and I have become distant. I’ve told you.”

“Yeah, well, you better figure out something. It’s not right that he’s following me. And, frankly, it’s downright scary.”

    They joked for a few moments more and then hung up when Isabella was starting to get a little hot. She then went inside.

“Who was that?” Jessica nosily asked.

“My stalker’s girlfriend.” Denise, Arleen and Doug burst out laughing.

“Oh seriously?” Jessica asked slightly shocked. “Is she mad?”

“At me, no. At him, yes.” Isabella replied and then received a new text message.

“Not funny!” It was from Nick.

“Stop following me or they’ll get worse.”

    Nick didn’t reply. On her behalf, it was an empty threat, but he couldn’t really be sure of that. And, Isabella was fine with him not responding. She then enjoyed the rest of the afternoon with her family with no problems or interruptions. She also took some time about thirty minutes before dinner to get herself settled in the room and to prepare for the next few days down in Tucson. She finished wrapping Kylie’s gift and organized the clothes she was going to wear while in Tucson and put them aside. While doing this she received a text message from Leighanne.

“Nick’s sulking.”

    That got a grin and a giggle out of Isabella.

“Gee, I wonder why that could be.”

“He’s not happy about your tweet from earlier and he thinks you hate him now.”