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    What can I say about me???? Oh dear I go....

    I am a Jersey Girl, born and raised and I live in a small town on the Jersey Shore. My mom's side of the family has a history in the town I grew up and live in since at least the 1930s (that's when the house I grew up in was built by my great-grandfather).  I have one older brother, Brian, who currently resides in Maryland and works for the federal government at a military base. I love to visit his "new" place from time to time and bother him.

    I am a cat person. I do like dogs, don't get me wrong, but cats are more my thing. I love how they are independent (like me) and pretty much sleep all day. Granted, yes, I have to feed them, but I love them. I have two Ragdolls (unofficially) and three other "regular" cats. They are ALL rescues. I've had hamsters, fish and a bird in the past, and all while having at least one cat in the house, but I still prefer cats.

    I love taking pictures and I love the camera I got in December 2010 for Christmas. I still have my old digital and my old Advantix somewhere and can use them, but when it's decent out, I am lugging around my new Nikon.

    I also love to travel and write...a variety of things. I wish I could travel more, but the face that I have no money is seriously getting in the way of things. My current goal is to pay off my debt, which includes credit cards and student loans.  I have family in Arizona from my dad's side and I go visit when I can. The last time I was out there was in December of 2011 for my cousin Anthony's wedding and I will be going out there again soon (March 31st, 2012) to spend time with friends and family (friends are all down in Tucson). As far as writing goes, I pretty much write anytime I can, whether it's a poem or story (when I have some inspiration) or letters to friends (in Canada and England) and with those letters, I tend to write "books."

    I don't watch a lot of sports, but I do watch (or try to watch) NASCAR whenever I can. If not, I'll catch the highlights. Also, I watch the Olympics when they're on.  I used to watch TV a lot but now I just wait for movies and certain shows to come out on DVD. It's a little easier that way. I'll get in my mood again and actually watch the TV at some point I am sure.

    I also love lighthouses. I even work at one here in NJ on Saturdays, unless I am traveling.  I have been there for over nine years now and I really do enjoy it.

    My friend in Canada also recently (like 6 months ago) got me hooked on Postcrossing (Link opens in new window). That keeps me busy and I can't wait until I receive my next postcard from somewhere around the globe.