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The following is a poem I wrote about someone who a month before I thought was friend. It's amazing what people can do.  I met her in 2003 at a concert in Arizona through a mutual friend and we hit it off. Everything was fine until I went out there again in 2005 for the NASCAR race around my birthday. Then things got weird, but I didn't realize how weird until December 2007 when the stories she was telling didn't make sense. I ended up finding out the truth through some weird channels, but finally confronted her early January and ended the friendship. I hate liars and people who toy with your emotions.
Pathological Liar

We used to be the best of friends
But who knew you would betray me in the end
You lied and played this little game
You should have known things wouldn't be the same

Everything backfired on you
So do you feel like a pathetic fool
And to think I have have been so kind
Five years of friendship, what a waste of time

I know I'll get over this pain
But what you did is such a crying shame
I feel at peace and I feel free
I don't need to wait for you to call me

So, I can never forgive you
I guess what I heard about you was true
And you can't trick me anymore
Luckily for me, this pain has a cure

I will make some new memories
With new and old friends, and my family
Go places I want to go to
I won't be held back by the likes of you

It was a never-ending joke, a running gag
Well, the cat is now out of the bag
I may regret what I did, I'll get over it
But you will just have to live with it
I don't need you as a friend, I'll put out that fire
You'll always be a pathological liar

©01-21-08 Amanda L. Janeczek