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=Botanical Gardens=

    The night before heading to the Gardens, Isabella called Doug to ask about Jessica and Carolina “friending” each other on Facebook and becoming pen pals. After he sent a quick text to her mother Lori, they both agreed that it would be a good idea since Isabella knew her and they both wanted to do it.  Isabella then let Carolina know and suggested Jessica as a friend so it would be easier to find her.

    In the morning, Isabella and Rebecca got ready about an hour before Tim left for work. After they relaxed for a little while, they headed back over to Rebecca’s mom’s house to get Carolina.  Before making it to the Gardens, they stopped by Walgreens to pick up the pictures that Isabella ordered the night before online for Rebecca. Isabella also managed to get some copies of some for Brian, Nick and Leighanne just in case she ran into them again.

“Do you think you should tweet that you’re going to the Gardens?” Rebecca asked Isabella.

“Why? Do you want me to?”

“Yeah, because maybe then they’ll show up and surprise us.” Rebecca answered nodding her head and shifting her gaze to her sister.

    Isabella smiled.

“Gotcha. But it’ll be a long shot.” Isabella stated as she pulled out her iPhone.

“Heading to the Tucson Botanical Gardens with Rebecca and Carolina. Can’t wait!”

“Okay, now to see if there’s any reply from the Peanut Gallery.”

“What’s the Peanut Gallery?” Carolina asked Isabella.

“It’s what I call the Backstreet Boys and anyone associated with them.”

“Oh.” Carolina replied with a little giggle.

“Did you remember that list of questions your teachers gave you?” Rebecca asked her sister.

“Yeah, I got it right here. This seems easy.”

“Let me see.” Isabella asked. Carolina handed Isabella the stapled pack of papers. “Did you bring a notebook?”

“Yup. Why?”

“Draft your answers and then write them neatly on here. I’m assuming you have to hand this pack in.”

“Yeah. Complete sentences and all that. The questions at the end might be hard.”

    Isabella flipped to the last two pages and read over the four questions that were there.

“Not really. Just jot down notes that refer to the question. Then you can form sentences to make your small paragraph.”

“Can you help?”

“Sure. At least I can put my major to use.” Isabella replied joking.

    Rebecca smiled as she pulled into the parking lot of the Gardens. Isabella received a tweet from Brian.

“@kirby42280 have fun! I heard they’re beautiful”

“@brianlittrell thanks!” She quickly replied.

“No comment from Nick?”

“Nope, at least, not yet.”

    The three piled out of Rebecca’s Honda made their way inside. After paying they proceeded and Isabella stopped at the brochure rack.

“What are you looking for?” Rebecca asked.

“This.” Isabella answered as she grabbed a couple of informational brochures about the Gardens. She handed one to Carolina and one to Rebecca. “You can usually find out some information in these. It might help you.” She directed towards Carolina.


“Smart.” Rebecca commented as they continued to walk.

“It’s what I get for working in a museum.” She joked as her phone went off. Isabella pulled it out. “Not Nick, but AJ.”

“@kirby42280 have fun! I heard about Sat. and yesterday. too funny...shame I missed it”

“@skulleroz thanks and I was wondering why you didn’t come to AZ too” She replied.

“I did, but yesterday.” AJ suddenly said from behind her.

    Isabella turned around shocked as Rebecca and Carolina laughed.

“Hello AJ.” Isabella eventually greeted. “Hey Rochelle!”

“Hey Isabella.” Rochelle replied with a small laugh. “How are you?”

“Good. Enjoying my vacation.”

    Rochelle smiled and then Isabella introduced them to each other.

“Mind if we joined you ladies?”

“Nope. Carolina’s here to work on a school assignment and we’re helping her.” Rebecca answered AJ.

“Cool. We’ve already been through, so we can help too.” Rochelle replied.

“Are my allergies gonna go into overdrive?” Isabella asked her.

“Not sure.” Rochelle answered. “I was okay.”

    About an hour later, Carolina had all of the answered to the questionnaire so she could really enjoy the Gardens. Isabella helped her while taking pictures along the way.

“How many pictures have you taken so far?” Rochelle asked as she snapped another one.

“Of the flowers or over the past few days?” Isabella rhetorically asked with a grin. “I couldn’t definitively tell you either answer.”

    Thirty minutes later they made their way to the gift shop where Isabella bought a couple of small items before they headed outside.

“Whew! It’s hot out here!” AJ exclaimed.

“It’s nice though.” Rochelle commented.

“I don’t know. I can’t tell which is worse?”

“Between what Isabella?” Rebecca asked.

“Arizona’s dry heat or New Jersey’s humidity.”

“Wow. Tough choice.” AJ commented. “I can’t help you there.” He joked.

    They talked for a little while longer before AJ and Rochelle decided to leave.  AJ had plans to meet Brian and Nick for lunch nearby.  Isabella, Rebecca and Carolina grabbed a quick bite to eat before decided where to go next. Carolina opted to go home to work on her project so she could get it done. Regina would be home by that point so it wasn’t a problem.  Once they confirmed Regina’s presence  in the house, they headed to the Foothills Mall.

“Now what?”

“No idea.” Rebecca answered. “So why do you suppose AJ came to Arizona?”

“Maybe he was jealous?” Isabella replied unsure of the real answer.