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    The day after Kylie’s birthday Isabella and Rebecca had a slow start, but they did end up getting to the O.K. Corral on time.  Isabella wasn’t adhering to her 10am time that she had told Brian the day before.  The girls actually arrived at 9:30am after meeting up with Michelle, Dawn, Kylie and Samantha and as soon as they paid their admission, they started to walk around and played the “tourist.”  Although she was excited and laughing on the inside, Isabella played it cool and didn’t let it show. Once 10 o’clock rolled around, Isabella occasionally glanced around to see if she saw Brian’s or Nick’s cars or anyone from that party, but made sure it wasn’t obvious that she was looking for someone.  At ten after, she received a text message from Leighanne.

“Be there soon. Nick took a wrong turn.”

“Anyone important?” Michelle asked her.

“Nope. Just my mom telling me to have fun.” Isabella replied lying. She decided to write back to Leighanne a quick “ok” before deciding to open her camera app in her phone.

    Moments later, the black Charger was pulling into the property. Isabella hadn’t noticed because she was reading a sign and taking a picture.

“Isabella, did you tweet that you were coming here?” Rebecca asked.

“No, why?” She asked as she slowly looked over to her friend.

“Because I think your stalker just showed up.” She answered with a grin darting her eyes between Isabella and the car.

“Stalker?” Michelle, Dawn and Samantha questioned as Isabella said, “Oh, lovely.” trying to sound surprised.

    She then quickly filled the girls in as everyone piled out of Nick’s car. As soon as Baylee was out of the back, he bolted over to Isabella and stopped short when he was next to Isabella.

“Hey Isabella!” He greeted with a huge smile.

“Hello Baylee.”

    Brian, Leighanne and Nick caught up to him after quickly paying their admission.

“Hello Ladies.” Brian greeted.

    Isabella quickly (and formally) introduced everyone to one another before turning to Nick.

“You, sir, are a pain in the - “

“I know.” He said cutting her off. “You know, it really wasn’t funny what you did on Saturday.”

“But she got you to drive away.” Rebecca commented smiling at him.

    Her looked at Isabella’s friend and rolled his eyes.

“Nick, it was either that or send my cousin, who’s a big and sometimes scary dude by the way, to tell you to move. <pause> And trust me when I say he was about to go out there to you without me asking him to.”

    Nick just stayed quiet after that comment on the topic. He couldn’t tell if Isabella was serious or kidding about her cousin, and decided he didn’t really want to know.

    The group walked around the O.K. Corral together and enjoyed it. Rebecca was in her glory, as was Michelle. Dawn just went with the flow and Kylie had no choice as she was pushed around.

“Know what would be hysterical, Isabella?” Dawn asked her.


“If we saw Rachael here. Think about it.” Dawn said grinning as she pushed her daughter.

    Isabella looked at her friend and smiled. And later laughed.

“That would be...interesting. I can’t imagine her being here though.” Rebecca commented.

“Sure you could. She could bring her newest boyfriend who’s like a kid.” Samantha commented.

“Who’s Rachael?” Brian asked catching Isabella off guard.

“Oh, just someone we all used to know and be friends with.” Rebecca vaguely answered.

“Care to elaborate?” Nick asked curiously as Leighanne walked ahead with Baylee who was really enjoying where he was.

“Hmm..” Isabella started and saw how far ahead Leighanne was. “The short version is that she’s a lying sack of shit who needs to be committed.” She stated. “Of the five years, or almost five years, that I was friends with her, half of it was a lie. I didn’t catch it until the end and then I called her out on it. It wasn’t pretty and her reasoning was completely nuts.” She finished.

“And we call pretty much hate her for what she did. Not just to Isabella, but to everyone.” Dawn added.

“Wow! I’m not sure I want to know the complete details.” Brian stated as they caught up to his wife and son.

“Well, I do.” Nick stated as he slid up next to Isabella.

“Some other time...maybe.”

“So, how’d you ladies like the song?” Leighanne asked changing the topic for Isabella.

(At the same time Isabella’s four friends answered):

“I loved it!” Rebecca said.

“It was really good.” Dawn said.

“I can’t wait to hear the finalized version.” Michelle stated.

“It was awesome!” Samantha answered.

“Were you surprised that Isabella wrote it?” Nick asked.

“Nope.” They all said at once.

“We already knew she could write.” Dawn added.

“And I was the one who posted it on your fan club’s forum.” Rebecca elaborated causing Isabella to smile. “She even wrote a poem about Rachael.” She snuck in causing Isabella’s expression to change.

“Really? Can we read it?” Brian asked partly shocked.

“Umm..sure. It’s in my Notes section on Facebook. I posted it sometime in February in 2009, but I actually wrote it like a year before.” Isabella eventually answered as she glared at Rebecca. “Why do you always feel the need to embarrass me?” She asked her friend as the guys were fiddling with their phones. “Seriously? You’re going to read it now?”

“What?” Nick asked innocently. Brian put his phone away and then took Nick’s from him. “Hey!”

“Is for horses.” Baylee quickly replied causing everyone to stop what they were doing and then start laughing.

    The group enjoyed the rest of their day at the O.K. Corral. They also went to the Tombstone Epitaph museum and the Tombstone’s Historama museum before heading to get lunch.  The guys were finally able to read the previous mentioned poem and thought it was really good and entertaining. Rebecca sat next to Nick at lunch, and Isabella wasn’t the least bit surprised.

    After lunch, Brian, Leighanne, Baylee and Nick decided to join the girls when they went to the Old Tucson Studios, which is where they had filmed some John Wayne and Paul Newman westerns. They didn’t stay too long, but enough to enjoy it and make some goofy memories.