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    Isabella beat both Christal and Leighanne back to Times Square. Normally she wouldn’t be impatient, but she was honestly excited for what was about to happen, if given permission. Giving in to her impatience that was growing, as well as her growing boredom of waiting around for someone to show up, she texted Brian.

“Hey Brian, give Leighanne my number.”

“Okay.” He replied a few minutes later.

    A few minutes after that her iPhone’s text sound went off.

“It’s Leighanne. Are you at the same place as this morning?”


“See you in a few then.”

    About five minutes later Leighanne and Baylee arrived. This time, Baylee was a little more open to Isabella since he’s gotten slightly acquainted with her already.

“Where’s your friend?”

“She should be here soon.” Isabella answered as she received a text. “And that would be her.”

“Gotta cross on your left.”

“And she’s about to cross the street.” Isabella commented as she turned to where her friend should be walking from. As soon as Sarah was across the street, and as soon as she saw Isabella, she ran over to her.

“Bella!!!” she yelled as she ran over. “You should have told us you were coming to the city.”

“Hey Sarah. Like I told you mother, it was a last minute thing.” She commented. “Hey Christal! Hey Jenna!” She greeted as the two came trudging over. “Ladies, I want you to meet Leighanne and her son, Baylee. Leighanne, Baylee – this is Sarah, Jenna and Christal.” She introduced.


“Now, you need to make an important phone call.” Leighanne reminded Isabella.

“Oh, right. How could I forget?” Isabella asked jokingly. How could not remember? “Chris, can you call James for me? I need to ask him something.”

“Sure.” Her friend said startled. “I need to call him anyway.”

    Christal dialed James’ number, talked to him quickly, handed the phone to Jenna and then Jenna handed it to Isabella.

“Hey James.” She greeted as she walked a little away from the group.

“Hey Bella. What’s up?”

“I have a minor favor to ask, but first a quick recap. I wrote a poem a couple of weeks ago about Jessica, posted it to my Facebook, a friend Rachael in Arizona posted it to a music group’s fan club’s forum and now they are recording it. They want Jenna to record her little phrase. Can I have your permission?”

“Wow, and sure. Does she know?”

“Nope. Not a clue. It will be a surprise.” Isabella answered.

“Yeah, go ahead. Looks like I need to log onto Facebook more.” He joked.

“It’s in my “Notes” section. And thanks!”

    They said goodbye and Isabella walked back to the group.

“What did you have to ask him?” Christal asked as Isabella handed her back her phone.

“You’ll see.” She answered. “Come on. Let’s go!”

    They all walked to the building and this time Leighanne and Baylee stayed in the studio. Isabella introduced the girls to the guys as they were in the hallway, but Christal already kind of knew who they were.  They then walked into the room and Sarah stopped short once she was in there.

“Where are we Bella?” She asked.

“A recording studio.” Brian answered her as he walked past her.

“Oh.” Was her reply. “Why?”

“You’ll see.” Isabella answered her as she also walked past her. “You and your mom can sit here on the couch.” Isabella directed. Sarah sat down and Christal sat down next to her daughter puzzled.

“What about Jenna?” Sarah asked as she noticed her cousin standing next to Isabella.

“That’s why we had Isabella bring you to the studio.” AJ started and then squatted down to eye level with Jenna. “Miss Jenna, do you know that little saying you have about your mommy?” He asked her.

    Isabella was alternating her gaze between her friend and Jenna, who were both now wide-eyed.


“Well, we were thinking that maybe you’d want to go into that room in there <he points and she follows with her gaze> and record it. Then we’d put it at the beginning of the song we just recorded.”

    Jenna formed a smile on her face as she looked at her aunt and then Isabella.

“Why do I get to?” She questioned.

“Because the song they just recorded was written by me and I wrote it about your mommy.” Isabella explained.

“Okay!” Jenna replied enthusiastically after a few short moments of debating the offer.

“I have an idea.” AJ started, “I’ll go in there with you to explain my plan.” He added as he stood up. “Ready?” He asked as he stuck out his hand.

“Yes.” She answered. “But can Bella come with us?” She asked and then took his hand.

“Yes, of course.” He replied causing her to smile.

    The three walked into the little booth, but before Isabella walked through the door, she quickly grabbed her camera and AJ shot her a look.

“What?” She questioned. “She’s going to want some sort of photographic memories of this.”

    AJ rolled his eyes as he picked Jenna up and put her on a stool.

“We’re going to record it once and then see how it sounds okay?”

“Okay.” Jenna agreed not really sure what was about to happen.

    Isabella quickly took out her camera. She set it on the video setting first.

“AJ – Shouldn’t you do a test with her first?” Nick asked through the glass.

“I know what I’m doing Nick. Shut up.” He answered as he put a headset on. “Now, I’m going to also be a part of it because I’m going to ask you what you say about your mommy and then you’ll answer by talking into this microphone. Got it?”

“Uh-huh. I think so.”

“We’re ready Shawn.”

    Shawn played the beginning of the song and within a few notes, AJ asked, “What do you always say about your mommy?”

“I’m looking up and mommy’s looking down.” Jenna said into the microphone.