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    The next few months went by fast. Isabella went to New York City with Christal, Jenna and Sarah. They met up with another friend of theirs, Susan, who took a bus in from near where she lives.  A portion of the day was spent up by the George Washington Bridge at the Jeffrey’s Hook Lighthouse.

    Mid-May the U.S. leg of the NKOTBSB tour was announced and Isabella made plans to go with Christal, Kendall (Christal’s cousin), Jenna and Sarah, as well as her friend Noelle from Maryland and her friend Courtney, but she didn’t buy the tickets. Leighanne helped her snag some front row seats.

    Isabella’s time was pretty much spent between her Monday through Friday job as a bus aide during May and June. In July, Isabella only worked at the lighthouse, but she worked there from Tuesdays through Saturdays.

    The concert was on Saturday, July 21st and it worked out great since all of her friends met at the lighthouse. Those that never climbed it went up. After that, they drove their cars to Bally’s parking garage and checked into their rooms.  They freshened up and Isabella decided to change her clothes.

“Do the guys know you’ll be at the show?” Courtney asked.

“I don’t think so. Leighanne knows though. She got the tickets for us.”

“You didn’t swear her to secrecy?” Noelle joked.

“No, I didn’t have to. She told me that she wouldn’t tell anyone. I take her word and trust her.”

“Do they know you finally taught yourself the guitar?” Kendall asked as she, Christal and the girls came in.

“They knew I wanted to. I haven’t told them about my progress.”

“So, they don’t know about your YouTube account?” Christal joked.


    After getting ready, the group headed down to the Boardwalk Hall and stood in line. After their bags were checked and their cameras given the “okay” they were let in.  As soon as they found their front row seats, Jenna and Sarah went with Kendall to the merchandise stand. Noelle and Courtney also went leaving Isabella and Christal to watch their seats and belongings.

“Will they perform the song, you think?”

“Don’t know. Maybe. I know they chose to perform it at select shows in Europe, like Manchester, England. My friend Amaya told me.”

“And since you wrote it, the chances of them singing it here are?”

“I am assuming highly likely.” Isabella answered with a smile.

    Thirty minutes later, the girls came back.

“The place was mobbed!” Noelle commented as she sat down. “Here. I got you a picture, a keychain and a decal” She said to Isabella as she handed her a bag.

“Thanks, but you didn’t have to.”

“You’re paying for the room.” Courtney replied as she also handed Isabella a bag. “I got you a program. Noelle said you might like it.”

“Thanks Courtney.” Isabella replied half shocked as Leighanne snuck near them. “Hey Leighanne.”

“Hey gals. How are you?”

“Good.” Christal replied.

    Sarah and Jenna were excited to see her and gave her a hug.

“Are they going to sing Bella’s song?” Jenna asked.

“Yes, I believe so.” Leighanne answered the five-year-old. “I just wanted to see if you gals arrived. I gotta get back before Brian suspect something.” She added and then left.

“That answers my question.” Christal joked.

    The opening acts, Guinevere and Ariana Grande, came out and performed. Sarah was excited that Ariana was there since she knew her from the Nickelodeon show, Victorious. Then, NKOTBSB came out a little while after Ariana got off stage. After they performed a song, the members of the New Kids On The Block left the stage and the guys started with “Larger Than Life” and then sang “As Long As You Love Me.”  During this, AJ finally noticed that Isabella (and everyone else) were seated in the front row.

“Oh crap! I’m dead.”

“What?” Noelle asked.

“AJ spotted me. I’m doomed.”

    After they were done singing, they chose to slow it down a little more and AJ chose to speak first.

“The next song we’re going to perform was actually written by a fan, now a friend <he turned to glance at Isabella> of ours. If any of you are a part of our fan club, you may recognize this.” The music started and AJ quickly stopped it. “Wait, it doesn’t feel right.” AJ stated as he looked at Jenna.

“AJ, what are you doing?” Brian asked then realized Isabella and the girls were there.

    AJ walked over to her and had the security guard bring the five year old on stage. At first she hesitated, but Isabella and Christal encouraged her to go up.

“Do you remember your line?” He asked her in a whisper off mic.

“Uh-huh.” Jenna said nervously as she looked at the audience. “You want me to say it now?” She quickly asked him causing him and Brian, who was now next to AJ, to laugh.

“Wait a sec, AJ,” Nick started as he talked into his microphone. “If you’re gonna bring her up, I think we should also get Isabella up here too.” He added with a grin as he looked over at Isabella.

“And now I’m six feet under.” Isabella commented causing the girls to laugh. “Maybe front row wasn’t a good idea.” She added.

    The security guard, who had now been directed to help Isabella up, went over to her and she reluctantly agreed to go. If not for herself, to be up there with Jenna. She waved hi to the guys and knelt down beside her.

“He wants me to say my line,” Jenna started, “In front of all these people.”

“I kinda figured. Scared?”


    Isabella smiled. She would be nervous too.

“Just say it clear, loud and he same way you recorded it. Look at AJ while saying it if you have to.” Isabella instructed. “Can you do that?”

“Yes.” She said with a smile.

    AJ grinned. He had a stage hand bring out a stool for Jenna and he picked her up to put her on it. He angled the stool so she could see the two huge screens on the back wall.

“Ready?” He asked her off mic.

“Yes.” She replied with a smile.

    He cued the band again and the guys took their places. He asked her the question when the time came and she answered the exact way she was supposed to. As they sang, the two screens alternated pictures of Leslie with her family and of Jessica and her family. The first picture was of Jessica and Jenna.

“Holy!” Isabella commented, completely unaware that they had done this.

“I’m up there.<pause> That’s me and mommy.” Jenna said after she saw the first picture of her and her mom.

“Why, yes...yes it is.” Isabella replied as she looked at Christal whose mouth was pretty much to the floor. “I had no idea.” She mouthed to her friend.