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Two days later...I meant to write a blog yesterday but never did. I also meant to post chapter 7 of my fan fic, but never did.  I just did it though. Lovely!   I had a horrible day at work yesterday afternoon, but I am not going to go into detail here...maybe I'll start a new blog website. That could work. I wrote two chapters (finished one and wrote another) while at work today so I am going to type chapter 9 and add it tomorrow.  I am pre-occupied with packing and my trip which is in a whopping 3 days (2.5 technically). I can't wait! Woo Hoo!!


So, let's see...yesterday I ended up meeting up with my friend and spent somewhere between an hour and a half and two hours editing his play. I still think I missed some things, but it's not like he emailed it to me last week so that I could look it over over a period of a few days. I also ran some necessary errands for myself, my mom and my aunt before meeting up with him. After that I just went home and dinner. And, the bonus of the night was that my friend Jen and I planned a trip to the 9/11 Memorial for July. We would have gone on my birthday, but the only available open times were after 5pm and we don't want to stay in the city that late. So, we decided a July 1st trip. She's going, and so is her 9 year old daughter, Samrah and her dad. Also going are my parents and two friends of ours (both named Carol). It should be fun. I'll still go to NYC with Jen, Samrah and Jen's niece, Madison on my birthday, so that's cool.  Now I have to finish getting ready for work. Oh, and P.S.....only 5 more days until Arizona!! Woo Hoo!!